May your day be full of tiny wonders
May your day be full of tiny wonders
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Halloween Quilt Wall Hanging - Free Patterns!

It's the start of spooky season, and since I've been quilting a lot lately I thought I'd post a sweet little pattern I fashioned. These are common quilt square patterns that I tweaked to go together in a four square wall hanging.  I did add a leaf border along the top and bottom as well as sashing between the squares.  My plan is to make one for each season to swap out. 

I included my "notes" on each square if anyone would like to make something similar. This is the first time I've written out a pattern, other than on graph paper for my personal use, so let me know if you find errors or have suggestions.  These are free to download and use, but please don't sell them. And, let me know if you try them out! 

Happy Quilting!

PDF patterns for each square:

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